Suggested One Read: The Weird Sisters

Book cover: The Weird SistersWe often get nominations for One Read that are set in the Midwest. Eleanor Brown’s “The Weird Sisters,” set in a college town in Ohio, has echoes of Columbia or Fulton. The family dynamics may also feel familiar to many readers. In this novel, three sisters who were named after famous Shakespearean characters return home to help their hapless father care for their mother, recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Our nominator writes, “This author spoke at the inaugural Unbound Book Festival held in Columbia last spring. The book provides many topics for discussion — Shakespeare, birth order, Midwest living, sibling rivalry, self fulfillment and more.”

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Suggested One Read: Arcadia

Book cover for Arcadia by Lauren GroffComing-of-age stories make great choices for book discussions, and Lauren Groff’s “Arcadia” is no exception. The reader nominating this title for One Read explains, “This book follows a ‘hippie’ child from his utopian commune upbringing until his adulthood in New York. It is relevant right now because as he grows up, global climate change becomes a reality and the consequences are frightening and make for fascinating reading.” Groff’s lyrical, beautiful prose and richly detailed storytelling earned this title many starred reviews.

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Suggested One Read: Afterwards

Book cover for Afterwards by Rachel SeiffertStories of love, loss, secrets and war always provide a wealth of topics for discussion. The nominator of “Afterwards” by Rachel Seiffert seems to agree with this sentiment, writing that this novel has “an amazing amount of discussion material, including two wars, relationships, post traumatic stress syndrome, etc. Highly recommended.”

Seiffert’s work of psychological fiction follows the relationship of Alice and Joseph, who fall in love but hesitate to grow too close to each other as each hides a dark secret. Joseph was involved in violence in Northern Ireland. Alice never met her father and is caring for her grandfather after her grandmother’s death, but her grandfather is hiding some secrets from his own past as a soldier in Kenya. Seiffert handles her characters with compassion and delicacy as she explores the scars left by military service.

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