One Read Art Exhibit

“You invent yourself.” – George Orson, from “Await Your Reply” by Dan Chaon



These masks and more are currently on display at the Columbia Public Library.  They were created on September 25, 2010 by participants in this year’s One Read art workshop.  Participants explored alter egos and alternative selves, inspired by the identity–shifting themes of Dan Chaon’s “Await Your Reply.” Participants crafted masks of paper, cardboard, plastic and other objects to investigate who they are, alternative personas and even who they might like to be.  The workshop was led by artist and puppeteer April Karlovit.

See more pictures and read about the workshop at the Missourian’s Neighborhood News blog.

Flash Fiction Writing Contest Open!

We are now accepting submissions for “If I Weren’t Me,” our flash fiction writing contest!

Contest eligibility and other details are available in our contest announcement, or go directly to the entry form to submit your story – in 250 words or less – of self transformation, secret identity or an imagined fresh start.  Good luck, and happy writing!

If I Weren’t Me: One Read Flash Fiction Contest

Issues of identity permeate this year’s One Read selection, “Await Your Reply,” with characters seeking new starts and trying on others’ lives. If you’ve ever wanted to become someone else—and who hasn’t?—this is your chance to dream big, in 250 words or less. Tell a tale of self transformation. Spin a yarn about a secret identity. Slip into someone else’s skin and write a short “flash fiction” piece about an imagined fresh start.  Submit your story now through September 20. Read More