Ivan Doig talks about “The Whistling Season”

On Tuesday, September 30th the Columbia Public Library and William Woods University were treated to a talk by the author of this year’s One Read book,  Ivan Doig. Mr. Doig spoke to us via videoconference and took questions from the audience at both facilities. It was a delight to see him and hear his thoughts on “The Whistling Season” as well as his writing habits. Ivan Doig said he draws on his early years growing up in Montana and his career as a journalist in Illinois. He said he learned early on in his professional life that he preferred using his imagination to tell a story rather than reporting the facts.

He even read a portion of his sequel to “The Whistling Season” which he is working on right now!

Tell us what you think of Ivan Doig’s writing and storytelling.

Music Night

Wednesday evening’s event was “An Old-Fashioned Music Program” with musicologist, Alan Nellis. Alan played several different types of music from the 1909-1910 time period and even had with him a hundred year old Victrola and trumpet. He played a recording of Enrico Caruso on a 78rpm record on the Victrola and played the trumpet himself.  Susan Grover played  “Follow the Drinking Gourd” on the harmonica which was performed by one of the students at Marias Coulee School.

He mentioned that the harmonica wasn’t really popular until the 1920’s and it was then that the Boy Scouts formed harmonica bands.

Susan played the guitar and we all sang along to “Home on the Range” which Alan said would definitely have been a favorite on the prairie at that time even though it was written by a Kansan!

Greg Mortenson

Last night the author of “Three Cups of Tea”, Greg Mortenson spoke at Jesse Auditorium on the University of Missouri Campus.  He received much applause from the large crowd throughout his talk. One of the interesting things he mentioned that you might not know from reading the book is that the original subtitle was “one man’s mission to fight terrorism…”. Greg did not like this but the publishers decided this is what it was going to be. He made a deal with the publisher that if the hardback did not sell well they would change the subtitle for the paperback and they did. So, the subtitle for the paperback is “one man’s mission to promote peace…”. Take a look at your copy.  If you went to hear Greg Mortenson let us know your thoughts.