Suggested One Read: Hamnet

This is one of the last suggested titles we are highlighting for One Read 2022. In January the reading panel will start narrowing down the list!

Today’s title is “Hamnet” by Maggie O’Farrell. This book has won so many literary awards including the National Book Critic’s Circle Award and the Woman’s Prize for Fiction (which is featured as a task for the Read Harder 2022 reading challenge.) This is really the story Agnes who happens to be married to a not yet famous playwright and who, until now, was merely a footnote in history. One nominator says that it’s “a gem of a book, beautifully written.Topics include marriage, loss of a child, living through an epidemic — and how a writer (Shakespeare) uses that pain to honor his child by writing a play the loss has inspired.” Another nominator says that it has “incredible characters, beautiful descriptions.” We couldn’t agree more on both accounts! 

Be sure to check back for our final suggested One Read.

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