Suggested One Read: Great Circle

Great Circle book coverIn January, our One Read reading panel will begin narrowing down the list of books nominated for our community-wide reading program. In the meantime, we are highlighting just some of these suggested titles so you can see what other local readers are enjoying.

Maggie Shipstead’s “Great Circle” is based on the rich history of female aviation in the days of barnstorming, biplanes and bootleggers. This book’s nominator says this about it: “A story of a strong female character on an incredible journey. She is relatable and has wide-ranging experiences across different historical contexts.” As a child, Marion Graves is orphaned and raised haphazardly by her uncle. Graves goes on to learn to fly and to become one of the era’s aviators with great drive to do impossible things. One hundred years later Hadley Baxter, also orphaned young and left to an absentee uncle, is cast to play the role of Graves. Shipstead artfully weaves the story together as Baxter becomes immersed in her role and parallels develop between the two women’s lives.

Stay tuned for more One Read nominees throughout the month of December!

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