Suggested One Read: Mary Jane

Mary Jane book coverWe have just a few more nominated titles for One Read 2022 to share with you before the year ends. We are highlighting just some the many suggested titles so you can see what others are enjoying.

Today’s title is “Mary Jane” by Jessica Anya Blau which is a story about a young girl who takes a summer job as a nanny for a local doctor’s little girl. Mary Jane is from a very conservative and straight-laced family but the doctor’s family is chaotic and full of rock and roll. The nominator says that this is technically a coming of age story, but so much more. It deals with class, racism, mental health issues, sexuality, addiction — so many things that feel relevant and ripe for discussion these days. Plus it’s all contained in a pleasant tale that will gift you a smile on your face.”

Stay tuned for more suggested titles! You can see past suggested titles here.

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