Suggested One Read: One Thousand Ships

Welcome back! We had so many great suggestions for next year’s One Read program — just over 200 responses! Nominations are now closed and while we wish we could share them all, we’re just sharing a few nominations during the rest of December.

Today’s highlighted title is “A Thousand Ships” by Natalie Haynes. The nominator says that this is “a modern retelling of the Trojan War.” But this time the story is told from the perspective of the women — not just Penelope waiting for Odysseus’ return, but all the wives left behind, all the daughters left vulnerable, and all the mothers who lost children. And of coarse there’s Helen and the goddesses who started the whole thing. There are also the Amazon princesses who fought Achilles and, of course, Cassandra is not to be believed. No matter how times change, war remains achingly the same.

Check back Friday for our next title and you can check out some of the other titles suggested for One Read 2022.

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