Suggested One Read: How the Word Is Passed

How the word is passed book coverWelcome back to our suggested One Read spotlight. We are highlighting titles that have been suggested by the community (you) for next year’s community read.

Today’s pick is “How the Word Is Passed” by Clint Smith. Written by a poet, but informed by deep scholarship, this is Smith’s first nonfiction book. In it, he tours monuments and landmarks to take a look at which have been honest about our past, which have not and how that has shaped our collective story. According to the nominator, “This book is a very eye-opening discussion of how the story of slavery is told in different parts of the United States and the world. It makes the argument that in all places, the real story of slavery should be shared, not glossing over the fact that slavery happened here and may still be happening here. For me, it raised questions about the stories we tell at our own Missouri landmarks and how slavery did shape so much of our history, but that story isn’t really what is told. In a time when Critical Race Theory is under fire, this is a book that beautifully addresses the idea that the story of slavery needs to be told and focuses on how it is or isn’t told today.”

Stay tuned for more One Read nominees throughout the month of December! Do you have a title you would like to suggest? It’s not too late! You have until the end of November to do that here!

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