Suggested One Read: Everything Sad Is Untrue: A True Story

book cover of Everything Sad is UntrueIt’s that time of the year again when we share some of your suggestions for our next One Read title. We will be sharing your suggestions here at over the next several weeks so you can see what other community members are reading and enjoying. Our reading panel will be considering all of these titles and more as they begin narrowing down the list of suggestions.

Today’s suggestion is a middle-grade book, but just because it was written for kids doesn’t mean it’s ONLY for kids. “Everything Sad Is Untrue: A True Story” is about a dark-skinned boy from Iran who now lives in Oklahoma. He tries to tell his story, but no one believes him. Taking strength from the stories of Scheherazade, he begins telling his own story in the same manner and for the same reason — to save his life. The nominator called this book poetic, funny, gorgeous and sad with extraordinary storytelling. They said, “It will make you a better person. Also, while this book’s primary audience is young adults, it is affecting and enjoyable for adults as well.” 

Check back here on Wednesday for our next suggestion for One Read 2022. You can find past suggestions here.

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