Suggested One Read: The Anthropocene Reviewed

January is just around the corner, and that’s when our One Read reading panel will begin the long process of narrowing down the list of books nominated for the 2022 community-wide reading program. There were over 200 nominations last year! Between now and the end of December, we will be highlighting some of the current suggested titles so that you can see what other local readers are enjoying. 

The first title up is “The Anthropocene Reviewed” by John Green. The nominator says, “This series of essays is really a fun read. There are a lot of topics addressed in the book to talk about and there is a lot of diversity in the emotions spanned throughout the book. It is very manageable and easy to discuss part by part but also as a whole and a whole idea about the human world. I find that in reading the book I want to discuss each essay because I feel like it inspires me to have something to say. Everything is very relatable, it is, after all, a collection of reviews of things from the human world. I would want readers to come away more reflective of the world around them, the history and stories behind the items and places they interact with every day.”

Nominations will continue through the end of December. Have you read a great book that you would like to discuss with the community? You can suggest a title here!

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