Bearing Witness: Art Exhibit Winners

For this year’s One Read art exhibit, we asked artists from Mid-Missouri to submit works that that explore the experience of careful observation, investigation or the revelation of something previously unknown. We thank all of the contributing artists and we extend a special congratulations to the winners listed below. Thanks also to our judges for their careful consideration of the entries and for providing us with comments on the winning pieces.

You can view the entire exhibit virtually at

First Place
Ancestral Revelation
Sharyn Hyatt

Pastel and gouache
Judge’s comments: There is a real depth to this work. It reveals layers and encourages you to investigate. The shadowed, hard edge around the figure’s face suggests that something has been peeled away to reveal what’s underneath.
Ancestral Revelation Saryn Hyatt

Second Place
Nancy Katzman
Ink on arches paper
Judge’s comments: “Bearing Witness” as a theme suggests a seriousness or darkness, but this piece fits the theme in a way that is whimsical. It can be read as a social commentary, observing — and judging — the observer of a digital screen, our addiction to “the idiot box.”
Nancy Katzman untitled

Third Place
Travis Bond
Pastel and colored pencil
Judge’s comments: The detail in this work is impeccable and invites the viewer to move closer. What it reveals is the subject’s vulnerability. It seems to represent a release, a giving of oneself over to something.

Honorable Mention
Jean Sax
Oil on Canvas
Jean Sax Shadows

Honorable Mention
Gladys Swan
Gladys Swan untitled

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