Confinement: Art Exhibit Winners

For this year’s One Read art exhibit, we asked artists from Mid-Missouri to submit works that that explore the experiences of of isolation and confinement. We thank all of the contributing artists and we extend a special congratulations to the winners listed below. Thanks also to our judges for their careful consideration of the entries and for providing us with comments on the winning pieces.

You can view the entire exhibit virtually at through September 26.

First place
Black Hole
Jenny Chicone

tapestry of woman in blue pants holding phone

“Black Hole,” is both a unique take on the theme and very recognizable form of isolation. We all have felt confined by our technology, and this piece cleverly puts the viewer in the first-person perspective. The shading and detail accomplished in the medium of tapestry is very impressive.

Second place
Soul of Forms
John Fennell

Abstract art with strips, circles and triangles

“Soul of Forms,” with its eye-catching layers of shapes and colors, suggests prison bars or layers upon layers of windows. A beautiful and thoughtful interpretation of the confinement theme.

Third place
Nancy Katzman
Ink on paper

black and white ink on paper

“Alone” uses shades of gray and black to communicate a feeling of loneliness to the viewer. The main shape suggests a figure in a box. But the strokes in the upper right allude to possible escape.

Honorable Mention
“…And a Cherry On the Top?”
Dennis Murphy
Colored pencil on found paper

colored penciled ice cream cones drawn on a map of Russia

Viewers can spend a lot of time taking in the thought-provoking and sometimes playful details of “…And a Cherry on the Top.” The towers evoke Russian architecture in a nod to the One Read book’s setting and represent many types of confinement.

Each winner will receive a cash award courtesy of the Columbia’s Office of Cultural Affairs, and the first place winner will also receive a one-year membership to the Columbia Art League. The exhibit will be displayed online through September 26 at

The One Read art exhibit was co-sponsored by Orr Street Studios, Columbia Art League, the City of Columbia Office of Cultural Affairs and Daniel Boone Regional Library (DBRL). One Read is a community-wide reading program sponsored by DBRL and a task force of local organizations.

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  1. Nancy K’s Alone: I see a lady in a Stevie Nicks type dress making a shadow eagle on the wall with her hands, to entertain herself.

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