Suggested One Read: Dark Matter

Dark Matter book coverThis is the last installment of the suggested One Read titles. The reading panel will soon be put work contemplating the more than 100 titles that were suggested through the month of November. You can click here to find the other titles that have been highlighted this month. You can also find previous One Read titles here.

Dark Matter” by Blake Crouch is about a physics professor living in Chicago with his wife and son. He’s kidnapped at gun point one night and taken to an industrial warehouse where he’s knocked unconscious. When he wakes up he’s strapped to a gurney and the people around him are in hazmat suits. He manages to escape but although everything is familiar nothing is right. The nominator said, “Everyone needs an escape from the pre-dystopian nightmare that is our current society, and this is a good one.” It’s a truly edge of your seat mystery, sci-fi, psycho-thriller with a bit of romance thrown in.

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