Suggested One Read: The Secret Life

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading through some of the titles that have been suggested for One Read 2018. The reading panel will be meeting in a few short weeks to narrow down the list of over 140 titles that have been nominated. In the spring, the top two books will be announced, and you’ll get to vote for your One Read 2018 choice!

The Secret Life book coverThe last book we’re sharing with you is “The Secret Life: Three True Stories of the Digital Age” by Andrew O’Hagan. The nominator of this title does a great job summarizing: “This book is a series of three literary essays on the question of how the internet creates and complicates contemporary identity. In one essay, O’Hagan agrees to ghostwrite Julian Assange’s autobiography (with surprising results), in another, he creates a fictional online profile in order to navigate the ‘Dark Web,’ and in another he tries to solve the mystery of who founded Bitcoin. The book is philosophical and literary, but is also likely to appeal to a broad demographic.”

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