Suggested One Read: Between the World and Me

Book cover for Between the World and MeWhile nominations for the 2016 One Read program are now closed, we are highlighting just some of the titles area readers think the community should read together. Next up is a book that received several nominations: the National Book Award-winner, “Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Framed as an extended letter to his teen-aged son,  Coates describes in language both lyrical and powerful what it is like to inhabit a black body in this country. One nominator writes, “A thoughtful, well-written book/memoir about race in America by a writer for the Atlantic magazine. It could serve as a foundation for a community discussion on race relations – extremely topical, especially with current issues at MU and nationwide.”

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Suggested One Read: A Wilder Rose

Book cover for A Wilder Rose by Susan Wittig AlbertWe continue our review of just some of the more than 100 books local readers nominated for next year’s One Read program. Next up is “A Wilder Rose” by Susan Wittig Albert. This novel fictionalizes the real-life story of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her daughter’s role in the creation of the Little House books, shedding light on the lives of both of these writers.

The nominator of this book suggests that there would be “local interest since Rose Wilder Lane lived in Columbia for a time.”  Our nominator also quoted the book’s October 2013 write-up in Kirkus Reviews: “Albert has written a nuanced, moving and resonant novel about fraught mother-daughter relationships, family obligation and the ways we both inherit and reject the values of our parents. The book also offers insightful, timely commentary on what it means to be a career writer. With all of the charm of the Little House series – and the benefit of a sophisticated, adult worldview – Albert’s novel is an absolute pleasure.”

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Suggested One Read: All the Light We Cannot See

Book cover for All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony DoerrNominations for our 2016 One Read book are now closed, but we will be highlighting some of the more than 100 suggested titles throughout the month so you can check out what your fellow mid-Missourians are reading and recommending.

Next up is “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr. Winner of the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for fiction, this ambitious and beautiful novel weaves the stories of a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths finally collide in occupied France as both try to survive the devastation of World War II.

This work of fiction received more than one nomination. One reader says, “This historical novel humanizes the experience of those who lived through WWII in Europe and speaks to the power of technology and the strength of the human spirit.” Another nominator writes, “[The book] is luminously written. And it is about the goodness that is in us at times when all around us there is hate and pain.”

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Suggested One Read: Give Us the Ballot

Book cover for Give Us The Ballot by Ari BermanThe Daniel Boone Regional Library will be accepting nominations for the 2016 One Read book for just one more day! Make your suggestion at any of our branches, on the bookmobile or online.

In January, a reading panel will consider all of the books nominated. In the meantime, we are highlighting some of your suggestions here at

One recent nomination is “Give Us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America” by Ari Berman. This book is a groundbreaking narrative history of voting rights since 1965, telling the story of what happened after passage of the Voting Rights Act. This act enfranchised millions of Americans and is widely regarded as the crowning achievement of the civil rights movement. Our nominator writes, “Our country and our community are obviously still struggling with race, representation, political power and the basic concept of democracy. I think it would be great to have a community-wide discussion on these topics.”

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Suggested One Read: This Changes Everything

Book cover for This Changes Everything by Naomi KleinAll month Daniel Boone Regional Library is taking your nominations for One Read 2016 and highlighting some of the suggestions we’ve received so far.

An area reader nominated “This Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs. the Climate” by Naomi Klein. In this work of nonfiction, Klein argues that climate change isn’t just another issue to be neatly filed between taxes and health care. It’s an alarm that calls us to fix an economic system that is already failing us in many ways. Our nominator thinks this would make a great One Read because “climate change is changing every person’s life on this planet, yet a significant number of people have been brainwashed into thinking it is a hoax. This book talks about how we can use this crisis to make a positive change in the world.”

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