Suggested One Read: Our Kids

In January, our One Read reading panel will begin narrowing down the list of more than 100 books nominated for our community-wide reading program. In the meantime, we are highlighting just some of these suggested titles so you can see what other local readers are enjoying.

This year’s list of nominations contains a significantly greater number of nonfiction titles than in past years. Perhaps it is the political climate, with a presidential election looming. And the issues of racism, social justice and gun violence have dominated local news and discussion in the community. Economic disparity and education is another topic front-of-mind for mid-Missourians, and we received more than one nomination for “Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis” by Robert Putnam.

One nominator writes, “Growing socioeconomic inequality is the biggest problem facing our schools, our city and our country today. Putnam’s new book is engaging and compelling and hopefully will call us to action.”

See some of the other titles that have been nominated for One Read 2016.

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