Suggested One Read: My Beloved World

Book cover for My Beloved World by Sonia SotomayorThe Daniel Boone Regional Library is accepting nominations for the 2014 One Read book through November 30. A local reader suggests that the community would enjoy discussing “My Beloved World” by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Our nominator explains, “She grew up poor and overcame many difficulties in her life. I recently read the book and not only enjoyed it but also was so inspired by her life story that I want to share it with friends and family.  It’s a wonderful book and an American story.”

It seems readers in Oregon would agree. The Multnomah County Public Library has selected “My Beloved World” for its 2014 reading program, Everybody Reads. They describe Sotomayor’s biography as “a story of love, self-discovery and human triumph. Despite having only television characters for professional role models when she was a child, Sotomayor resolved to become a lawyer. That dream took her from valedictorian of her high school class to the highest honors at Princeton, Yale Law School, the New York County District Attorney’s office, private practice and appointment to the Federal District Court by the age of 40.”

Have a suggestion of your own? Let us know what you think our community should read in 2014 by filling out a suggestion form at any of our branches, the bookmobile or online at

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