Suggested One Read: Cemetery Bird

Book cover for Cemetery Bird by Bridget BuffordDuring the nomination process for One Read 2012, many of you voiced your support for “Cemetery Bird” by local author Bridget Bufford. Here are just a few of the comments from area readers about this novel.

  • “This is a compelling story with several direct Missouri connections that I think would get people interested in reading it. The story also has compelling female and ethnic minority characters that I think would speak to a broad base of Columbia’s diverse community. The main character is a part-Apache firefighter whose story is both exotic enough to be interesting and familiar enough to form a connection with local readers. The storyline touches on issues such as substance abuse and autism, and I believe this could help bring awareness to those issues in our community.”
  • “This book puts you inside the minds of persons with autism and persons with brain injuries. I think that getting some understanding of what it is like to face these issues from inside them is fascinating and brings understanding. It is hard to put down–the characters are strong and unusual.”
  • “It is an enlightening story of maturity, consciousness and insight into the human condition. Bridget has an uncanny grasp on human behavior, what we observe and what we discard as we journey through this bumpy life.”

Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination for the 2012 One Read book! Nominations are now closed, but we will continue highlighting some of the suggested titles here at throughout the month of December.

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