T.C. Boyle Calls One Read “Exemplary”

The Tortilla Curtain by T.C. BoyleAuthor T.C. Boyle traveled to Mid-Missouri in 2006, the year our community read his book, “The Tortilla Curtain.” That novel was also the University of Missouri’s choice for their annual MIZZOU Reads program. In recent note he had this to say about his visit:

The One Read Program at the University of Missouri and the community-wide read of my novel, “The Tortilla Curtain,” was exemplary. Not only was I able to meet such a large group of enthusiastic readers personally, but I was able to explore the state a bit too. It is always an honor to be chosen for such a program, which allows readers to discuss and argue over a single text rather than the more usual (and, sorry to say, banal) TV shows and movies.

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In honor of our 10th anniversary, we’ll be featuring the words of authors and speakers from past years’ programs. Thank you to our task force, reading panel, discussion leaders, panel participants and community of readers – your support is what makes this program great!

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