About Andrea Barrett and “The Air We Breathe”

About the Author

Andrea BarrettAndrea Barrett did not start out to be a fiction writer; she wanted to be a scientist. “I really wanted to be Darwin in a skirt wandering through the Galapagos or the Amazon naming birds and trees,” she says. Instead, Barrett has translated her fascination with science and the natural world into award-winning novels and short stories. Barrett is especially drawn to the history of exploration and the suffering men and women were willing to endure in the pursuit of knowledge. The “Voyage of the Narwhal” (1998) tells of a harrowing expedition to the Arctic, while in the title story from “Ship Fever,” a doctor struggles through a typhus epidemic.
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“The Air We Breathe” Will Be Featured On KBIA’s “Intersection” Program

Join us on Monday, November 2 from 12-1 p.m. on KBIA 91.3 FM to discuss this year’s One Read book, “The Air We Breathe” by Andrea Barrett. In studio guests include Brad Lookingbill of Columbia College, Darwin and Axie Hindman and Lisa Saffran director of MU’s Masters in Public Health Program.

Intersection is a new talk show produced by KBIA and the Reynolds Journalism Institute. You can listen to the show on KBIA 2 digital radio, or watch the show live by visiting KBIA.org.

On Intersection, we want YOU to become part of the conversation. Share your thoughts about the book by calling in at 573-882-8925, e-mailing us at IntersectionOnKbia@gmail.com, or participating in the live online chat throughout the broadcast.

Fulton Art Show 2009

Angie GardWe asked local artists to consider the themes of the One Read book “The Air We Breathe” while creating art work for this year’s show. A number of William Woods University students participated, resulting in a large and interesting show at the Callaway County Public Library. Read More

Comments from Author Andrea Barrett

Andrea Barrett

I continue to be amazed by all you have organized around “The Air We Breathe.” Never, anywhere, have I seen people pull so many strands of the community together over a single book, nor investigate so many areas. I think what you’re doing is quite remarkable, and I’m humbled to have been a part of it.

-Andrea Barrett