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ivan_doigMy narrator in “The Whistling Season,” Paul Milliron, educator and bookman and graduate of a one-room school that he was, would have fully known the value of a community read, all the way from its linguistic beginnings. “Communitas,” the root of our usage of “community”—in Paul’s well-thumbed Latin-to-English dictionary, these several meanings of “communitas” are given: “sharing, partnership, social ties, fellowship, togetherness.” What better rewards could readers and writer alike ask for, than the common ground of literary fellowship through reading?

Regards, Ivan Doig

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  1. This book (with no car chases, murders, or explicit scenes!) was a sheer pleasure to read. Its characters are vivid and real, its pace is not hurried or protracted, and its large and intelligent vocabulary is a breath of fresh air for those of us who are tired of clichés and four-letter words. The best of One Read!

  2. I didn’t think I would like this book when it was picked (I voted for the other one), but I really like it. Doig mixes storytelling with history (and Latin) to tell an original and entertaining story.

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