Suggested One Read: Thank You for Your Service

Book cover for Thank You For Your Service by David Finkel“I think the story of returning veterans and their readjustment would be excellent for the community,” writes the nominator of “Thank You for Your Service” by David Finkel. Finkel, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter with the Washington Post, provides a moving and sobering portrait of soldiers returning from Iraq. Dealing with PTSD, suicide, crumbling family relationships, and a myriad of physical and mental struggles, these veterans’ stories reveal that the tragic cost of war is not simply paid in lives lost on the battlefield.

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Suggested One Reads: The Yellow Birds and The Book of Jonas

Book cover for The Yellow Birds by Kevin PowersTwo of the nominated books for One Read 2013 look at the emotional impact of war from very different angles. “Yellow Birds” by Kevin Powers is told from the point of view of a young soldier unmoored by his experiences in Iraq. Private John Bartle recounts in flashback his friendship with Murph, the younger soldier he promised to protect, and their attempts to cope with the horrors of the battlefield. Haunting and lyrical, this is an extremely intimate look at the consequences of war for those on the front lines. The reader suggesting this book said, “I think a community discussion of the Iraq War and effects on returning veterans is very important.”

Book cover for The Book of Jonas by Stephen DauStephen Dau’s “Book of Jonas” follows the 15-year-old survivor of an attack on his Middle Eastern village after he is sent to America to live with a foster family. Jonas struggles to adapt and to suppress memories of his village’s destruction and the details of his own survival. He finally reveals the heroics of a missing soldier who saved his life, a story that reveals a shocking secret to the soldier’s grieving mother. Our nominator writes that this novel addresses “the timely topics of war, terrorists and immigrants. [The writing is] well-crafted, including an unusual structure.”

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