Suggested One Read: Notes From No Man’s Land

Book cover for Notes From a No Man's Land by Eula BissThe outsider’s perspective often calls into question practices and environments we think of as unexceptional, normal, a given. Award-winning author and journalist Eula Biss, who grew up in a racially mixed family, uses her personal experience to explore what it means to be American, our complex attitudes about race, community, self and belonging. Her collection of essays, “Notes From No Man’s Land,” is the final One Read 2012 suggestion we’ll be highlighting here at

Our nominator writes, “These essays are exquisite, complex, crystalline and would prompt a variety of community conversations and invite a whole raft of possible facilitators.”

Many thanks to the more than 100 of you who nominated titles for our reading panel’s consideration. Our community’s involvement and support are what make this program great!

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