Best Books of 2010

Many of our past One Read nominations and selections have been included in various publications’ and writers’ “Best of” lists, received awards and even been made into movies. For the third year running, Neil Hollands of Blogging for a Good Book and writer for Booklist Online has compiled a list of titles published in 2010 that major review sources say should be on your to-read lists. Peruse the list, and find your next good read!

Are You Book Challenged?

stack of books

Whether you’ve been meaning to work your way through that stack of books on your nightstand or been wanting to explore a new genre, participating in an online book challenge may be just the thing to get you started. senior writer Laura Miller highlights a number of these challenges in her recent article, “Be a Better Reader in 2011.” The rules are simple: pick a challenge, read books according to that challenge’s guidelines, and share your reviews of those books with other readers. There are food writing challenges, historical fiction challenges, young adult book challenges, and “to be read pile” challenges, just to name a few.

Taking up a book challenge is much more fun than making another resolution to join a gym. And if you choose the Chunkster Challenge (pledging to read books of 450 pages or more), you’ll get a workout just hauling those tomes around.

Book Discussions at Your Library

Is joining a book group among your New Year’s resolutions? check out an upcoming book discussion at one of our library locations.

The first Wednesday book group at the Callaway County Public Library meets each month at noon and will discuss “A Christmas Odyssey” by Anne Perry on January 5 and “Witch Child” by Celia Rees on February 2. The first Thursday book group at the Columbia Public Library meets at noon and 7:00 pm (take your pick!) and will discuss “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury on January 6 and “Fifty Miles From Tomorrow” by William L. Iggiagruk Hensley on February 3. Bring a brown bag lunch or dinner and join us for bookish good fun!