Suggested One Read: Americanah

Americanah book coverThe One Read reading panel will be sorting through the many titles that were suggested by our community for the 2020 One Read in a few short weeks. Meanwhile, we are continuing to highlight suggested titles so that you can see what others are reading.

Today’s suggested title is “Americanah” by┬áChimamanda Ngozi Adichie. This love story begins in military-controlled Nigeria from where one of the protagonists is able to flee to the U.S. but, because of the restrictions put in place after 9/11, her lover is trapped and eventually finds himself an illegal immigrant in London. According to the nominator, “This contemporary novel is a bold, modern love story at heart but it encompasses manifold topics of interest including, migration, dislocation, individual and group identities, politics, stereotypes, race and racism both nationally (U.S.) and internationally.” The nominator goes on to say that this book “offers multiple opportunities for discussion of gender expectations and relations, generational differences, immigration, legacies of racism and how people of color experience racism in the U.S.”

Tune in next Tuesday for our next suggested One Read title!

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