Suggested One Read: The Wolf Wants In

The Wolf Wants In book coverWe are highlighting some of the titles that members of the community have suggested for next year’s One Read. The One Read reading panel will begin narrowing down the list in January to about 10 titles that will all be reviewed for adaptability and suitability for community-wide programming. You can learn more about the process here.

“The Wolf Wants In” by Laura McHugh is about small town life in mid-America caught in economic decline and in the grips of the opioid epidemic but with a nostalgia for what once was. This suspenseful mystery set in Kansas and is told from the point of view of two women whose stories masterfully intertwineThe nominator of this book pointed out that McHugh “is a local author and this would show support.” 

Have you read a book that you think would be a great community read? There is still time to nominate a book for next year’s One Read. Nominations are open until November 30. You can nominate online or at the library.

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