Suggested One Read: The Invisible Wall

Book cover for The Invisible Wall by Harry BernsteinHarry Bernstein’s “The Invisible Wall” proves that it is never too late to write your first book. In his 90s, Bernstein has written a fascinating memoir about his childhood in an impoverished mill town in England before and during World War I. Our nominator elaborates: “His family was poor, his father was abusive and the particular street that he grew up on happened to be the dividing line between the Jewish and Christian neighborhoods, so there is an interesting dynamic between the two sides. This compelling true story also involves a love story between a Jewish girl and Christian boy. My mom and I and everyone we have recommended it to love it.”

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  1. This is an amazing , wonderful read… It made you feel like you were living on the street and feeling all those feelings that were so real….

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