Tell Your Story: Family Lost and Found

A twin’s search for his long-missing brother anchors one storyline In Dan Chaon’s “Await Your Reply.” The sudden loss of family sets other characters adrift. Struggles to find self and family underscore much of the novel’s action. Do you have a similar story to tell?

Perhaps you took steps to find a birth parent or one of your grandparents was part of the orphan train movement that relocated abandoned and homeless children throughout the United States. Maybe you discovered rich details about your ancestors that brought a blurry family past into focus. Share tales of your personal lost and found with other participants in this year’s One Read program by leaving a comment.

3 thoughts on “Tell Your Story: Family Lost and Found”

  1. I’ve enjoyed using Heritage Quest online (available through the library’s web site!) to find breadcrumbs of information about my grandparents, great grandparents, and beyond – how they migrated west and became “retail merchants” in western Colorado. “Retail merchant” is my great grandfather’s identified occupation as indicated on a census record from 1920. I noted that others on the same scanned census document had listed as their occupation, “at leisure.” Alas, my relatives were not so fortunate!

  2. I’ve always been interested in genealogy, but alas, I’m adopted and felt that I’d never know mine. So as I grew up, I invented one in my head–all of the things I’d love to have in my genealogy if I could research my natural line. Amazingly, I discovered my natural family when I was 22, and they loved doing genealogy too! Guess what! Everything I had always imagined that I wanted to see in mine was there!!! From great orators, to statesmen, to freedmen, to serfs to Danish kings!! My mother had already done most of her line through the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, and with the help of Ancestry I not only added to it, but found my father’s line and my adopted parents’ line back through the Revolutionary War!!

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