Interview with Author Dan Chaon

Columbia Daily Tribune features editor Lynn Israel interviewed “Await Your Reply” author Dan Chaon. Here, Chaon shares his thoughts about being chosen as this year’s One Read book.

Tribune: You received so many top honors and awards for your writing, but what are your thoughts about the selection of your book for a One Read program in Columbia?

Chaon: I am really interested in the One Read programs that have sprung up all over the country because I do think there is something about having that social aspect to reading that can be really rewarding. The media has become so fractured — and that’s a good thing because people can find whatever they want — but we don’t have that many water cooler moments anymore, we don’t have that many shared things that we can sit down and talk about and argue about, and I guess that the One Read program really allows people to re-experience what that’s like. I guess outside of “Lost,” the last time that happened for me I don’t know, but it is so fun to have something that everyone has an opinion about and everybody is able to share the conversation. We need more of that.

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